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The Aire Serv Performance Group teamed up with XOi to design a fully integrated solution to ServiceTitan that enhances the quality of information and work completed from the field to the end customer. The results were incredible and improvements were experienced in areas such as customer satisfaction, average ticket, number of flips, Advantage Plans, accessories, tasks, HCD response time, and installation quality.

Performance Group Results

1 %
Increased Average Ticket
1 %
Increased Advantage Plans

ROI of almost


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How XOi Helps

Our photo and video documentation and telecommunication capabilities have been extremely beneficial in helping our customers provide the highest level of service while keeping interactions to a minimum.


  • Remotely view work quality
  • Verify job completion
  • Keep tabs on past and present jobs


  • Complete work faster
  • Verify work with jobsite photos and videos
  • Hone skills with on the job training and support


  • Better communicate with technicians
  • Understand the work that needs to be done
  • Trust the work was completed

How XOi Works


  • Photo & video documentation
  • Streamlined & automated workflows
  • Centralized completed job information


  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Remotely access important job information
  • Effectively manage job documentation


  • Live & interactive video calling
  • Recorded video trainings
  • Remote diagnostics

Stakeholder Feedback

Performance Group Approved

You don’t have to worry about how XOi will fit into your business. The Performance Group tested XOi and created the foundation of success through best practices for your team

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The Technology Technicians Need When They Need It Most

XOi empowers technicians to safely capture critical job site information, launch on the job remote support, access relevant equipment documentation, and provide your customers photos and videos of recommended and completed work.

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