Airedale Visual Intelligence
Modern Facility Maintenance Reporting


One database. Evolving relevant content. Maximum transparency and trust. Learn the maintenance status of your facility through videos, photos, and documents stored in the cloud.

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Cloud-Based Visual Maintenance Reports Through Videos and Photos

State-of-the-Art Feedback

Airedale's cloud-based Visual Intelligence Platform leverages current technology to give facility managers and technicians an easy-to-digest overview of facility maintenance repairs and recommendations.

Video and Audio Breakdown

Airedale technicians walk through a summary of outcomes from facility service requests and share any further recommendations of repairs, providing insights into repairs and equipment status.

Everything You Need in a Single Location

Video and photos, combined with supporting PDF manuals and equipment specifications, are stored in a single database and accessible through shared web-links.

Easy Access

All photo and video content is tagged within the database and made available through web-links delivered to you, so no tedious data exchange or security complications.

Formats Match Your Preference

Receive video and photo reports via text message, email, or a service ticket in the app.

Promoting Transparency and Trust
Transparency and trust are the foundation for any meaningful relationship. At Airedale we strive to build and maintain those type of relationships with our customers.
By backing up repair and recommendations with visuals, we paint a vivid, transparent maintenance picture for facility managers.
Don’t just take our word for it — receive visual confirmation when maintenance orders have been completed and see the reasoning behind maintenance suggestions
Not sure when to replace a piece of equipment? Combine maintenance data with visual reports to help plan for major capital investments and know when the time is ready.
Airedale Intelligence in Action
A Technician’s and Manager’s Best Friend
Evolving Maintenance History

Accumulating in a single database and accessible through shared web-links.

Technician Access to Historical Data

Ease of access to review previous repairs and recommendations allows for analysis of potential re-occurring issues

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