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2 Ways to Give Your HVAC Sales Team More Time in the Bone-Searing Summer Heat

What’s the One Thing Your Sales Team Needs this Summer? More Time.

It’s the hot, busy summer season. Your service technicians barely have time to catch their breath before the next call comes in.

The sales team’s not getting any rest either. Like the driver of the ball collector at the range, they are getting hit from every angle, can’t catch up, and have a sneaky suspicion that more than one clown is intentionally aiming at them. They are fielding technician-found leads, non-PM customers requesting quotes, PM customers finally ready to move on jobs, and cold reach outs they have never even met.

Your team needs more time. How can you help them create it? Find extra time through better efficiency. To do this, think about processes where efforts are duplicated:

  • After a technician-found lead comes in, does your sales person also make a trip out to walk the site? Why?
  • Do you conduct kick off meetings where sales meets with install to walk through quotes and try to paint the picture of the site?

What if instead of extra time-consuming meetings and site visits, your technicians captured the necessary information with cloud-based shared photos and videos?

Tech Time vs. Sales Time–It’s All Company Time

Most contractors have a form technicians fill out when it comes to large repairs and/or replacements in order to gather unit and site information to determine time, manpower, parts and equipment needed.  After the form is turned in, someone from sales goes back onsite to confirm what was written, gather “other” information, and build rapport with the customer.

Instead of having your tech complete handwritten paperwork, why not capture the information quickly and easily with photo and video?? A photo of the data plate provides needed job information. Also have the technician shoot a scope of work video, designed to be shared both internally and with the customer. This video enables the tech to walk your sales team through the job, calling out important information, such as:

  • The access points
  • Any logistical challenges
  • Current site conditions – the curb, the power, crane placement, etc.
  • Site measurements

The photo and video provide sales with all the information needed to quote accurately and capture the momentum without any delays waiting for an onsite visit.  As for building rapport, include the video link on your proposal and use platforms like JoinMe, GoToMeeting, or Zoom to review the quote with your customer. Your customer will appreciate the time saved. If a customer asks about a site visit, explain that this process is about being efficient and valuing their time.

All the Greats Watch Game Film—Why Don’t You?

There is a reason that all great athletes talk about film study. Film allows you to recognize and prepare for things you will face on the field.

Contractors hold prep meeting before a project kicks off to review scope, schedule, expectations, and raise any concerns or unanswered questions. Sales attendance is mandatory. Imagine being able to avoid this meeting by simply providing the project and install teams with a link to access visual content.

From anywhere, the team can access pictures and videos that walk them through the site, demonstrating the access, logistics, and conditions. This is the contractor equivalent of game film. You’re better prepared for the job, in a fraction of the time.

Leveraging XOi in these two areas creates time. Reduce site visits and internal meetings by capturing the right content with the right amount of detail. Your sales team will have more time to focus on new customer leads and new job opportunities.

Let’s Create More Time Together.

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