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Decreasing Turnover with Technology

With New Computing Platforms, Deskless Employees Can Be More Happy and Productive

Let’s face it—most software is designed for people sitting at a desk, slaving the day away in a drab cubicle. But in the skilled trades, we are on the move, outdoors, and in the action.

A recent report by venture capital firm, Emergence, puts this in perspective: Only one out of five employees actually works at a desk. About 80% of the overall workforce is comprised of “deskless workers” who are employed in industries like construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Did you know that businesses spend over $300 billion each year on software, and hardly any of that software is designed to be used by deskless workers? Thanks to new technologies, that’s all about to change.

Mobile Puts Automation in the Hands of Deskless Professionals

Through mobile technology, deskless workers can benefit from the productivity gains supplied by good software. Using smartphones, tablets, or wearable technologies, skilled trades professionals will be able to perform their jobs more easily and efficiently.

Companies are adopting these technologies quickly. In fact, 78% of construction companies and 91% of manufacturers plan to increase their spending on deskless technology, according to Emergence. In addition to phones or tablets, 69% of companies now plan to invest in wearables like smart glasses and 58% will utilize drones.

Deskless Technology May Help Reduce Employee Turnover

Right now, 80% of construction companies can’t find the employees they need, according to the Associated General Contractors of America. With the skilled trades gap growing by the year and not enough young workers entering the industry, how will employers compete for talent?

When a business needs to replace an hourly wage worker, it costs 16-20% of the employee’s annual pay. Multiplied by one-fifth of the workforce, that can take a bite out of profitability.

In the first quarter of 2017, ADP measured the rate of employee turnover in the construction industry to be 21.4%. About one in five workers changing jobs every quarter—a higher turnover rate than many industries. What’s worse, younger construction professionals changed jobs at a rate of more than 60%!

Business owners and managers will need to pay more attention to the employee experience for deskless workers.

Improve the Employee Experience for Deskless Workers

Highly functional, leading edge technology can elevate the employee experience, especially among younger workers. According to employee experience solution provider, TinyPulse, 26% of construction workers are frustrated by the lack of tools they need to do their jobs better.

When asked about their top reason for investing in technology, one-third of businesses sought to improve productivity, and another 23% wanted to improve employee experience. These two goals fit together like a hand in a work glove.

Workers are happiest when they are doing their jobs well, meeting or exceeding customer expectations, and getting to work on the things that interest them. Skilled trades professionals want to work productively to solve problems while minimizing paperwork and administration.

Deskless technology excels at automating routine tasks and freeing up workers’ time to perform more skilled work and interact with customers. Through the power of video and machine learning, XOi Vision™ enables you to put your best technician on every site and provide them with the tools they need to increase their productivity and effectiveness.

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