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Havtech, MacMiller Better Connect With Customers Through XOi Technologies

Havtech and MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions (MacMiller) are among those MCAA members using XOi Technologies to capture facilities information that helps them improve service and better communicate with clients. In a highly competitive market, video documentation helps them get client approval quickly, demonstrate that work is completed, and bring technicians up to speed quickly before they go onsite to provide service.

Communicating the complexities of a service call to a customer can be extremely challenging. Video of a service call can explain a lot, but it can be difficult to email a large video file. XOi Technologies’ holistic communication tool allows a service contractor to send a PDF to a facilities manager with an easily shareable link that provides documentation in the form of photos, videos, notes, and text narration of recommended and completed work. A link to a customized, cloud-based file that shows the entire service call provides unbeatable transparency.

“Capturing photo and video content of the opportunities our technicians find in the field has become extremely valuable to our customers. It is becoming an expectation in our marketplace.”

—Rory Olson, Service Operations Manager, MacMiller

Sometimes a service call cannot be completed in a single visit. For example, repairs might require ordering specialized parts, which might threaten to exceed a customer’s service and maintenance budget. Typically, there are many moving parts when completing and recommending work, and dealing with an offsite facilities manager can be an added challenge when trying to get additional work and orders approved. Attaching links with visual confirmation of necessary parts and service can be a huge help to expedite the decision-making and approval process.

Enhanced Credibility

Havtech, one of the mid-Atlantic’s largest and most experienced providers of commercial HVAC equipment, building automation systems, field services, distribution, and energy solutions, uses XOi Technologies’ platform to document jobsite conditions before, during, and after each visit, taking the guesswork out of what is really going on with facility equipment. Doing so allows their customers to make informed decisions and feel confident in their investment.“XOi has given us a tool to increase credibility and just overwhelm people with communication,” said Erik Hess, service operations leader of Havtech. “We’ve had times where customers called in and challenged the work performed. Havtech has the ability to provide the customer with an electronic link to watch the associated video.”

Collaborative Communication

The wealth of information the XOi solution documents and provides ultimately makes the facilities manager’s job easier, strengthening the relationship between customers and service providers. MacMiller, a leader in design, retrofit, and service capabilities in the Pacific Northwest, counting Nike, Boeing, and Microsoft among its clients, implemented the communication tool after company executives identified mobility and collaboration technology as two key growth drivers to ensure continued success and differentiate the organization.

“Capturing photo and video content of the opportunities our technicians find in the field has become extremely valuable to our customers. It is becoming an expectation in our marketplace,” said Rory Olson, service operations manager of MacMiller. “XOi’s platform provides a clean way to connect our customers with the solutions we provide. It has also become a useful training tool for mentoring and developing technicians.”

Building a Data Library

Perhaps more important than the ability to show and tell are the data that the software captures. The solution creates a library of all the videos created for a customer, allowing the next service technician sent to that site to access the complete work history for the specific piece of equipment. This library of knowledge and data ultimately improves the contractor’s quality control.

“XOi has given us a tool to increase credibility.”

—Erik Hess, Service Operations Leader, Havtech

The data captured can be used to show energy consumption, based on instrument readings taken by technicians. The data can also be used to track the integrity of a unit over time, identifying whether the unit’s performance is degrading. Such information can be paired with additional software to track the amount of money a client has spent on each piece of equipment, the number of service calls required, the type of repairs needed, and whether the equipment requires callbacks. The combined information can be used to make the case for buying and installing a new piece of equipment rather than continuing to repair an old one.

XOi Technologies also enables users to construct a database of service videos, service manuals, wiring diagrams, and all kinds of the other information that a technician needs when he’s in front of the equipment. No wonder that XOi Technologies CEO and cofounder Aaron Salow calls the cloud-based video platform “the future of service.”

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