Make Every Tech your Best Tech

  • Attach photos, videos, tags, and custom notes to all jobs
  • Bring customers to the job site virtually by providing visual context on quotes and invoices
  • Save storage space on techs’ phones and keep content centralized across your org with automatic cloud storage


  • Educate techs with a cloud-based repository of manuals, wiring diagrams, videos, and more
  • Create, access, and share how-to content with fellow XOi users
  • Allow service managers to push
    specific materials to techs while they’re in the field


  • Launch a live video call and see what your techs see through their mobile or tablet devices
  • Video calling on steroids: pause the video feed, draw on the paused image, share documents in real time
  • Maintain a queue system to run your own virtual technician support center

Make Every Tech Your Best Tech: Visit xoi.io or call (800) 230-7047 for more information.