L2 Support Engineer

L2 Support Engineer

The Level 2 Support Engineer at XOi Technologies represents the second line of support for all issues. The primary focus for this role is to: 1) consult, configure, and troubleshoot client to partner integrations and 2) triage, troubleshoot, and resolve bugs identified by L1 frontline Support, within SLA. 3) to iteratively improve the entirety of XOi’s applications through Root Cause analysis and correction, proactive performance tuning, small but high-impact feature requests and application tooling.



  • Meet with Customer Success and client to understand integration needs, timeframes, and required data to successfully configure the integration.
  • Configure and maintain client integrations
  • Troubleshoot bugs and problems interfering with the client/xoi/partner integration.
  • Perform advanced troubleshooting and resolution for issues that cannot be resolved by Level 1 support.
  • Expert knowledge of XOi’s support and escalation process.
  • Reproduce, confirm, and manage issues to complete resolution, or assign to the appropriate team, monitoring, and reporting progress.
  • Fix bugs in source code across the entirety of the stack and submit a pull request for testing and deployment to de-escalate the issue.
  • Involve Senior resources as needed to resolve complex issues or issues that you suspect need escalation of priority
  • Participate in standard product management processes (grooming sessions, stand-ups, etc.) related to the resolution of customer-facing issues.
  • Create documentation of technical support issues and their resolutions using the available tools.
  • Operate with sensitivity around XOi processes, policies, and procedures, as well as maintain and protect confidentiality around all aspects of our customers.
  • Work continuously to document product and technical knowledge.
  • Provide L1 support (as needed for backup instances).
  • Provide solutions, answers, or assistance in a prompt and respectful manner for L1 overflow request volume or during periods of acute need such as planned time off, etc
  • Fill out details of support requests, and accurately categorize and label support calls/emails to ensure optimal reporting and issue tracking.
  • Create Jira tickets for bugs, feature requests, or tasks as the need arises. Manage issues through resolution.


Skills & Experience:

  • Excellent communication skills, especially related to relaying information between technical and non-technical parties.
  • Working knowledge of Javascript, React, React Native, Python, AWS Lambdas, AWS Serverless environment and DynamoDB
  • Working knowledge of and ability to navigate XOi’s product source code as it relates to tracing paths as part of the debugging process.

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