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Company About XOi

About XOi

XOi is powering a world in which people and equipment are connected, decisions are transparent, and quality outcomes are predictable.

Born out of the field service industry

XOi is shifting the way field service professionals do business. We arm technicians with a digital tool that brings needed efficiency, transparency, and expertise to every jobsite. When a tech takes a simple dataplate photo on the job, our best-in-class technology utilizes AI and Machine Learning to connect that data to every part of your field service ecosystem, and provide resources and insights needed to completely transform your business from the ground up.

XOi was built to help field service companies overcome a formidable challenge facing their industry: a glaring shortage of skilled workers. Blue collar work has marked our founder & CEO’s personal and professional life, instilling a passion for the hard-working people in the field service industry and the importance of them in our everyday lives. It was this passion that led us to build a modern, cloud-based technology solution that transforms the way these companies do business and service their customers.

Product History

From smart glasses to advanced AI, all along the way XOi has been committed to transforming the lives of field service industry workers for the better.

2015 December

Commercially launched the Vision platform

In 2015, XOi officially launched our commercial platform to support the business needs, and the men and women, of the skilled trades. Facing a significant gap in knowledge and communication between the curbs, we deployed smart glasses for hands-free data capture, and a web based application that allowed critical information to be shared to and from the jobsite.

2017 Spring

Launched an enhanced mobile version of the Vision product

After a full year of having our hardware and software in the field, we received enough input from our users to validate that having the full XOi functionality on the tech’s existing smartphones and tablets created a more streamlined and easier experience.

2020 January

Commercially launched Journeyman™

In their day to day work, technicians work tirelessly to fix problems for other people and communicate clearly with all parties involved. Journeyman is our way of giving back to the technician. It’s like having an expert in their pocket that’s providing insights, documentation, and recommendations in real-time. Journeyman provides value to the technician using the content and data they’re already capturing; making the jobsite a more efficient and productive place in the process.

2021 December

Evolved from WiFi dependence to a cloud-based model layer

Technicians work in tough conditions that often have little to no cellular connectivity, but capturing and communicating their work while on site is critical to their success. We developed the model layer as a custom content and data handler to assure that what’s captured while on the jobsite makes it to the cloud. Our custom model layer delivers millions of pieces of content and data every month from the technician to their customers and back office personnel.

2022 Today

Commercially launched Insights

Contractors produce a huge amount of data every day: photos, videos, notes, summaries, checklists, safety checks, sales proposals, etc… There are hidden gems in that data, but when does a contractor have the time to dig through it all? We launched Insights to automate the discovery of actionable, revenue generating, and efficiency gaining opportunities that are hidden in a contractor’s data. These insights supercharge our clients’ businesses and give them an edge over their competitors still struggling to know what to do with their data.

In January 2023, the Vision, Journeyman, and Insights products were combined into what is now known as the XOi Platform—a holistic, all-in-one solution to transform your field service business from the ground up.

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