Customer FAQ

Why are you taking videos at my facility?

Because we’ve seen a tremendously positive impact to customers knowing more about the service we’re providing. Having a video summary of work completed helps from your perspective to confirm quality and completeness, especially when you can’t get to an area to view the work firsthand. For the times when additional work is recommended, having visual intelligence in hand has proven to enable customers just like you to make more timely and informed decisions about your investments.


Where will the technicians be taking videos?

Our technicians will be taking photos and videos only in areas of immediate work and only of equipment that is directly relevant to our efforts.


Is the technician taking a video of everything they do on site?

No. We focus primarily on summary videos that highlight the work performed and/or suggested.


We can’t allow video on our site. Is there another way to access this information from my technician?

The technician will continue to provide a written service report of the work performed, but unfortunately, you won’t have the benefit of getting a comprehensive video summary. We’d certainly like to understand the specifics of your policy, and work with you to create the opportunity to get you this valuable information in a way your company finds safe and acceptable.


Where do the videos go and how do I access them?

Videos are stored on a secure, cloud-based server managed by Amazon Web Services (S3), which is common for commercial applications. From there, we attach a link to your service ticket. By clicking the link, you can access the videos online. The link will remain active indefinitely, so you have the option to download and share them at any time following your service.


Are there any other means by which I might receive videos?

On occasion, a technician may email or text (should they have your information) a link to the videos if the need arises outside of having it as part of your service ticket. This is meant to be used for matters that are time-sensitive, or if something comes up in the middle of a job and the service ticket itself has not yet been completed.


What browser do I need to use to access the videos?

Videos can be viewed in Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer (IE). Videos can be downloaded from Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and most versions of IE.


Can I share the video with other people?

The link can be forwarded to anyone you choose. The video can also be downloaded by anyone to whom you share access.


Are you being safe when on our property?

Using Vision Live our techs can easily virtually communicate with your point of contact to show any issues or things of importance while maintaining a safe distance. Plus, with photo and video documentation, you will be able to see where the techs worked and how they followed safety standards.