Customer Quotes
“You know you have a good product when other areas of the business ask for it. Our managers and technicians wanted to get on board with XOi because of what it can provide not only to the customer, but also to them as technicians. Taking a video really gets them up to speed quickly about what was done on previous calls. They don’t need to call the previous tech to figure out what they did. XOi Vision saves us so much time in many different ways.”
Haller Enterprises, Inc.
Joshua Landis, Director of IT
“All of our customers absolutely love that our technicians are using XOi. It gives them the peace of mind to know that the work they are being billed for is being done and allows them to pass recommendations and needs for easy approval.”
Guardian Environmental Services
Eric Lynn, Service Contract Sales Representative
“We have found that the technology has improved the way we do business, and without exception, our clients truly enjoy us being so transparent with our work as well as helping them understand what we see.”
Interstate Mechanical
John Speed, General Manager
“One of our mantras is to ‘change the perception of the service industry.’ I believe the best way to change perception is to offer customers complete transparency, and that is why we chose XOi Vision.”
Windy City Equipment
Josh Zolin, CEO
“XOi Vision has changed the way we are able to do business. All parties involved are now about to get visual intelligence from our technician’s point of view, whether it be a field supervisor, service coordinator, or the end client. Everyone knows exactly what our technician is seeing and experiencing, reducing questions and improving accuracy. We love the transparency that this brings to what we do.”
ISS Mechanical
Bart Gedeon