Frequently Asked Questions

How does XOi empower technicians?

The tool helps with timeliness by reducing back-and-forth references on a call or trying to send pictures in low-signal areas. Junior technicians can leverage XOi’s knowledge base to find manuals, diagrams or internally created training content.

XOi also provides technicians with an easier way to visually document what’s happening in the field, providing a better customer deliverable, experience, and a CYA aspect to protect against billing disputes or customer credits!

What if seeing photos and videos isn’t a priority for my customers?

Implementing XOi will be beneficial for current – and future – customers. For example, billing disputes or quoting a customer quickly when a salesperson isn’t on site.

With XOi, you can capture photos and video that goes directly into quotes, expediting approvals. Not only are you improving your internal processes, but the customer experience as well.

How does this tool affect technician performance?

XOi has created a holistic solution that keeps the technician at the forefront. The app makes every tech your best tech by arming your team with the tools, resources, and training needed to make sure every job is done right the first time – regardless of skill set or level of experience. Most XOi customers see technician performance improvements that lead to decreased diagnostic times, reduced second truck rolls, increased pull-through opportunities, increased close rates, increased quality control, decreased customer credits, etc.

We have an experienced technician workforce, how will we benefit from this?

Though great in the short term, your techs are growing closer to retirement and the skilled trades gap isn’t slowing down. With XOi, you can place the knowledge of your most experienced technician in the back pocket of greener talent. Tech support interactions can be recorded and preserved in your knowledge base, so they’re not lost when those folks retire.

We recognize that not every tech is going to be giving or getting help on every job. The most successful contractors using XOi are using it as much more than just a support tool. The bulk of customers’ ROI comes from the consistent visual documentation by every tech (regardless of skill level) on every job.

How is this different from using free tools like FaceTime?

With XOi’s Vision Live, your connection requires less of a signal due to its default two-way audio, one-way video (the technician in the field doesn’t need to see the other technician’s face).

It also includes augmented reality, providing the ability to mark up the screen, which ensures both parties are focused on the same issue. Then, when the issue is resolved, you can add the recording of that call to your knowledge base for everyone’s future reference. Vision Live is also device-agnostic, so anyone can connect for support regardless of their operating system.