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The XOi G.O.A.T Awards​

Greatest of all Technicians​

Do you have what it takes to be the GOAT – The Greatest Of All Technicians? This year we are recognizing all of the great EMCOR Mechanical Services technicians in the XOi family with a competition for the best content captured in Vision.

Each winner receives a prize sponsored by EMCOR and a GOAT trophy for display!

When: Entries are open from Wednesday, November 30th – Wednesday, December 21st. Winners will be announced the first week in January.

Who’s in the Running? All EMS XOi technicians capturing job site content within the XOi mobile app.

Award Categories:

  • Share your best work or shout out another technician
    • Best Customer Education Video
    • Best Site Conditions Video (PTSP)
    • Best Work Performed Video (PM)
    • Best Work Performed Video (Repair)
    • Best Additional Work Found Video
  • December Usage Challenge (no nomination needed)
    • Most XOi Job Completed
    • Most XOi Workflows Completed

Prizes: We’ll pick seven individuals (one for each category) to take home a prize sponsored by EMCOR and a GOAT trophy for display!

How to Share Your Video

Submit your entry using the form above and paste the XOi generated hyperlink containing ONLY the content you are submitting for consideration, and any necessary context to help tell the story. Please see How do I share a specific photo or video? for steps on how to copy the hyperlink(s).

Additional Details

  1. Entries are limited to one (1) per category per technician (so the most a single person can enter is 5 times). Depending on the number of entries we receive, we may announce finalists for each category before determining winners.
  2. There will be one winner per category, and participants may not win in more than one category.
  3. Submitted content can be from jobs that took place within the timeframe OR prior to the contest. (and no, you cannot travel to the future and bring back a video from something that hasn’t happened yet.)