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The Digital Foundation for Field Service

XOi is a powerful jobsite tool that connects people, from all parts of a field service ecosystem, with the International Comfort Product brands’ equipment they service.


With XOi, Dealers & Distributors see a 24% increase in revenue per request.


A 20% increase in close rates.


And a 20% increase in preventative maintenance contracts.

Collect, Connect, and Capitalize With XOi.

Technicians using XOi in the field collect critical job site data, connect instantly with the answers they need, and provide the back office with data to capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities.


With the XOi platform, techs easily collect essential jobsite data: asset information, issues found, fixes applied, and more.


Provide technicians with the job information they need, when they need it. Access a robust knowledge base, receive personalized job alerts, and connect instantly with virtual XOi Mentors.


Spark action from collected jobsite data and improve your bottom line. XOi provides instant operational insights alongside trends, benchmarks, and service bulletins so you know where to spend money and where to hold back.

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Stress Free and User Friendly Onboarding

XOi implementation is easy: no friction, no headaches, and we’ll get you up & running in about 4 weeks.


Let’s Get to Work.

Ready to revolutionize your jobsite data collection? Request a demo today and see how XOi can transform your business.