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XOi Insights and Mentors

A first-of-its-kind solution for informative field service enablement & support – unlocking exclusive AI and data insights capabilities to drive operational efficiency & identify untapped revenue opportunities.

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    “One of the things XOi is great at is listening to the needs of the industry and the end users and finding a way to say “Yes!, we’ll do whatever we need to do to help you succeed.” It’s why they’ve always been more than a vendor or provider to us, they are a true strategic partner and are providing a key role in evolving our industry.” Richard Perko
  • “Right now we face a large challenge with losing the braintrust of retiring senior technicians. One of the great benefits of this product is the ability for those technicians to pass that knowledge on to more inexperienced techs.” Eric Rodgers
  • “XOi’s platform provides a clean way to connect our customers with the solutions we provide. It has also become a useful training tool for mentoring and developing technicians.” Rory Olson
  • “We utilize the XOi remote service call support on locations where only one tech is allowed onsite. To be able to remotely support our techs using XOi continues to be invaluable to us.” Rob Winstel
  • “XOi Insights will increase our understanding of the most frequently sought after support our field technicians rely on so we can consistently improve both the format and delivery of that support.” Dan Reynolds

XOi Insights

Make better business decisions with unprecedented clarity. Taking the XOi app’s unprecedented data capture capabilities a step further, the XOi Insights solution analyzes the data captured in XOi to deliver service providers meaningful and actionable insights that can be used to make better, data-driven business decisions – complete with intuitive visualizations driven from equipment, historical job, and technician data.

XOi Insights

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XOi Mentors

To alleviate the strain the ongoing labor shortage has placed on field service teams, the XOi Mentors provides a reliable and trusted virtual source for greener technicians to receive expert help and support in the field. Avoid second truck rolls and incomplete jobs by granting technicians access to XOi’s in-house support organization for live on the job virtual support and training.

All XOi Mentors support and training calls place great emphasis on teaching technicians efficient and repeatable processes to help build their skills and expertise rather than simply fixing the problem at hand.

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XOi Mentors Overview

Ensure & Trust That Your Technicians Receive Expert Training & Support

Each XOi Mentor Specialist is available to technicians 7-7 EST M-F and has the following credentials:

  1. Commercial and residential mechanical experts with a minimum of 10-15 years experience
  2. Fundamental knowledge of various systems
  3. Extensive understanding of jobsite safety protocols and regulations

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