XOi Journeyman Pioneer Program

A Unique, First-of-Its-Kind Solution for Field Service Enablement & Support Empowering the Next Generation of Field Service Professionals

XOi's premier Journeyman Pioneer Program offers field service professionals a first to market AI-powered technology bundle to drive operational efficiency and easily identify untapped revenue opportunities. The exclusive program equips select field service providers and their teams with a powerful breakthrough technology suite that combines artificial intelligence, advanced data insights, and live virtual mentorship


No matter the skill level of the technician on site, Journeyman™ utilizes patented (No. 11,113,987) smart technology to leverage historical, contextual, organizational, and manufacturer data to provide instant, relevant, and trusted insights and resource recommendations all in one easily accessible place.

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Trade Insights

Because XOi’s Vision app focuses on organizing and documenting all activity that occurs on each jobsite, the app unlocks unprecedented data capture opportunities pertaining to assets and the specific work being performed by each technician. Utilizing this valuable information, Trade Insights provides business intelligence for company leaders with intuitive visualizations driven from equipment, historical job, and technician data. These meaningful and actionable insights allow business leaders to make business decisions with unprecedented clarity using real-time trends to identify revenue opportunities and drive operational efficiency.

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