XOi Vision + Key2Act Integration
Key2Act provides field service and construction management solutions. We’ve worked with Key2Act to integrate XOi Vision platform to power See, a module within their MobileTech solution. And we’re excited to show you how this powerful integration will give your organization more of what your customers want.
Key2Act provides field service and construction management solutions. Combining XOi Vision’s photo and video capabilities with the Key2Act’s field service management solution lets you up the ante in several areas that are key to customer satisfaction:
  • Customer engagement— With the photo and video capabilities of Vision integrated into See, you can show your customers exactly what needs to be repaired and what a great repair looks like. Seeing is believing. Video provides more information to your customers than your competitors could.
  • Static training—Use real-world video and photo examples to keep your techs’ skills at the top of the industry. When techs easily capture video and photo evidence at each service call, it becomes easy for service managers to create valuable training opportunities more often.
  • Live collaboration—As many senior techs approach retirement, it’s crucial to find innovative ways to transfer their valuable knowledge to younger techs. Sharing real-time video allows more experienced techs to walk newer techs through a repair, without having to roll a second truck.
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Train Your Younger Techs to Take Over

40% of the country’s skilled trade labor force is eligible to retire in the next ten years. XOi Vision lets you empower less-experienced technicians with real-time access to a limitless knowledge base created by your own Master Technicians, and leverage your collective company knowledge to win new contracts.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

XOi Vision technology increases transparency and confirms accountability. Techs can easily capture video and photo evidence at each service call letting you show your customers exactly what needs to be repaired and what a great repair looks like.

Technology for the New Industrial Age

Seeing is believing. Video and photo documentation lets you provide customers superior service call information and enhanced service records. Highlighting this technology helps you gain the edge over competitors and secure more new business.

XOi Vision Helps MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions Lengthen its Lead over Competitors
MacMiller executives worked with technology partner, Key2Act, and XOi Technologies to create a video collaboration platform that enables technicians to easily link video and photos to customer accounts through mobile devices. See how XOi Vision integrates into Key2Act to provide techs with a seamless experience.
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Indoor Environmental Services empowered by SiteLogIQ Uses XOi Vision + Key2Act MobileTech to ‘Wow’ Customers & Standardize Workflows
IES empowered by SitelogIQ is a full service Facilities Solution provider with multiple locations service business clients throughout Northern and Southern California. The company specializes in mechanical contracting, including HVAC, energy projects such as solar, and both retrofit and new construction plumbing. IES had used Key2Act MobileTech field service management for roughly five years when they decided to add an integrated video communication platform. IES leaders met with fellow Key2Act customer, MacDonald-Miller and learned about their real-world results with XOi Vision.
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XOi Technologies Provides a Solution to Increase Customer Trust and Improve Internal Efficiencies
Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, Havtech is the Mid-Atlantic’s largest and most
experienced provider of commercial HVAC equipment, building automation systems, field service, distribution, and energy solutions across Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Havtech’s field service business unit provides customers warranty and traditional service work.
XOi integrates seamlessly with Havtech’s Key2Act field service management solution, making it easy for technicians to navigate the two systems as one. “The integration and field adoption proved to be smoother by having an integrated solution rather than two competing software platforms,” said Erik Hess, Havtech’s service operations leader.
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