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Tech leader XOi continues to equip TDIndustries with tools for efficiency and top customer experience

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – April 17, 2020 – XOi Technologies, providers of a cloud-based mobile application that connects field service contractors with an industry-leading online knowledge base and empowers them to complete more service requests, has announced the extension of its successful relationship with TDIndustries, the leading provider of maintenance, facilities management, and mechanical construction services throughout the Southwest United States.

With XOi’s AI-powered technology, TDIndustries is able to offer its innovative Visual Intelligence software platform, which allows customers to monitor repairs, instantly access recommendations and plan for future capital expenditures.

“We are a servant leadership company, which means we are always actively looking to find ways to build relationships with our customers,” said Chuck Swallow, vice president of strategic accounts at TDIndustries. “Our Visual Intelligence powered by XOi Technologies offers wonderful advantages to our operational processes, but its biggest impact is that it provides a new way to build trust between our technicians and owners. That direct benefit cannot be overstated.”

Visual Intelligence offers TDIndustries an easy-to-use and accessible platform that empowers field technicians to connect with customers remotely through video and photo reports. Customers can also provide immediate video and photos to coordinate a diagnosis before a service call.

“Companies like TDIndustries realize there’s an urgent need to incorporate personalized technology into their operations,” said XOI Technologies founder and CEO Aaron Salow. “The shortage of workers in the skilled trades is 6 million and growing. Solutions like Visual Intelligence help forward-thinking businesses be more efficient and continue delivering industry-leading customer experience, and those factors provide crucial value for companies that want to stand out from their competitors.”

For more information, visit www.xoi.oi.

About TDIndustries

Beginning in 1946, TDIndustries, Inc. (TD) started as a three-person air conditioning distributor based in Dallas, Texas and has grown to a $700 million business with more than 2,700 employees providing maintenance, facilities management, and mechanical construction services throughout the Southwest. Specializing in the full life-cycle of the building (engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance), TD has a fleet of more than 400 vehicles helping to maintain facilities throughout the southern United States. With a heavy concentration in Texas and Arizona, TD has the resources to support owners from a standalone, single-business building to sprawling corporate or university campuses.

Using our Visual Intelligence platform, powered by XOi Technologies, we provide modern facility maintenance reporting through video and photo documentation. This allows our customers to monitor repairs, instantly access recommendations, and plan for future capital expenditures.  To see this system in action, go here: TD Visual Intelligence.

For more information about TDIndustries, visit www.TDIndustries.com.

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