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Air Dynamics Case Study

For nearly 35 years, Air Dynamics has serviced customers in San Angelo, Texas. Today, they provide industry-leading heating & cooling services for nearly 4,000 people in the region.



The team at Air Dynamics was absolutely bogged down with manual processes. Technicians were wasting time having to manually input data — their process required double entry of all data plates, photos, and videos. Both office staff and field techs were wasting productive time making sure everything was entered correctly. As for their customers, they were receiving physical copies of job summaries with little detail. Essentially, the customer had to remember what the tech had told them. This led to the potential loss of sales when a second decision maker needed to be involved, but wasn’t present at the time of service.



After a handful of unsuccessful attempts to “go digital” with other solutions, after a brief introduction to XOi, the management team at Air Dynamics was sold. XOi integrated with Air Dynamic’s FSM and eliminated the need for their technicians to have to jump around from app to app. With XOi, all of their digital processes can be housed in one single app.



Other than one slight adjustment to the technician’s workflow, which was basically just making sure they spoke on video, the entire staff at Air Dynamics was confidently and correctly using XOi within the first week. While the app is currently being used primarily for data capture, the team is working to combine detailed workflows and their knowledge base to develop a training curriculum that will allow them to train new hires quickly and efficiently.


With XOi, Air Dynamics has been able to:

  • Increase closing sales for new customers

  • Increase preventative maintenance sales

  • Increase their overall ROI

San Angelo, TX
Number of Techs
Number of Customers
Field Service Software Integration
“I am responsible for answering phones, dispatching, and working one on one with the techs regarding all things service calls, including repairs. XOi has been a game changer for us! It allows us to review video footage of the issues and repairs found on location and also visibly review before and after repairs/cleanings with our customers. XOi allows me to review information from the call and share it via email or text with customers when they call in with questions. I believe XOi has been one of the best investments for our company and our customers and look forward to learning and utilizing more of its features in the future.”

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