Aire Serv Case Study


• Aire Serv of Tipton County
• Aire Serv of Memphis
• Aire Serv of Mount Juliet
• Aire Serv of DeSoto County

Number of Techs
Under 25

Number of Customers

“We use XOi on every job. Customizable workflows ensure our team has complete site and equipment information for every job, sales are as accurate as possible, and customer experience is improved. XOi helps our techs focus on each job and prevents them from getting lost in their own processes.”



Lee Downing is an HVAC industry leader with 23+ years of experience and an owner of four franchise locations of Aire Serv.  Downing is committed to providing 24/7 heating, cooling, and air quality installation and maintenance for Middle Tennessee. A proud member of the Neighborly™ brand family, Aire Serv delivers premium service consistently to all its clients.

Downing saw the potential in XOi to improve consistency and accountability within his team. After implementing the XOi technology, Downing’s  Aire Serv locations experienced rapid improvement across the board thanks to virtual support, designated workflows for each department, and the ability to communicate consistent and clear expectations to each customer. The XOi platform has also allowed Aire Serv to streamline customer feedback, which has improved the quality of work performed in the field.

“XOi allows us to see what we are missing and helps us identify field opportunities. It reduces callbacks and increases efficiency,” said Downing.  “Our techs aren’t having to go back into the field on the same job, which has greatly improved our customer experience and turnaround times.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Increased Technician Accountability
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    Reduced Callbacks and Return Visits
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    Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction
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    Increased Consistency and Uniform Service

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