Alpha & Omega Case Study

Phoenix – Southeast Valley

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“You absolutely have to have this technology – especially if nobody else has it. If you want to be the market leader and a technology leader, this tool is key to looking out for your client’s best interests and your own best interests.”

A&O Owner


Alpha & Omega Restaurant Equipment Repair is a customer-centric, commercial equipment service provider. This Arizona-born company offers restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools complete food service equipment repairs, commercial equipment installations, custom planned maintenance programs, and HVAC services. Dedicated to providing prompt, courteous, and professional service, Alpha & Omega sets themselves apart from their competitors by consistently pleasing their customers in every aspect of service.

Striving to remain one of the best in the industry, Alpha & Omega sought a technology solution to provide added value and protection for their technicians and customers. In order to achieve this goal, they implemented the XOi Vision app to streamline processes and improve data capture and visual documentation.

Since implementing Vision, Alpha & Omega has achieved a new level of trust and loyalty among their customer base. By enabling technians to easily and efficiently capture and share photos, videos, and detailed job overviews within the app, Vision has allowed Alpha & Omega to increase transparency and overall service reliability. The app has also improved internal communication and education between technicians and customers, boosted internal processes, as well as enhanced the accuracy, quality, and efficiency of all the work being performed.

“With XOi, you have the written word, you have the video, you have the pictures, and you have the verbal. You have everything that revolves around the transparency of what was done and how we did it. It’s a protection device and liability hedge for us. We just didn’t have that before,” said Cory Yates, A&O Owner. “Their facilities managers, property managers, chefs, and chef owners dig this technology. They love the fact that they can see exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Increased Transparency & Communication
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    Improved Overall Customer Experience
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    Increased PM contracts by 50% YOY
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    Streamlined Processes & Improved Efficiency