Atlantic Constructors Case Study

Central, Eastern, Western VA and parts of North Carolina

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“XOi has improved our customer experience and allowed us to provide transparency into the work we’ve performed. Most, if not all, customers give positive feedback and appreciate receiving so much information in one link.”

Service PM/Apprentice Supervisor


Founded in 1985, Atlantic Constructors, Inc. (ACI) is Central Virginia’s leading service and construction provider for commercial and industrial markets. XOi offers the ACI Richmond and Newport News Service/Special Projects Division a full range of self-performed services, helping ACI’s highly trained employees provide high-quality solutions and timely decisions to meet the needs of their customers.

With an unwavering commitment to safety and innovation, ACI sought a technology solution that could support their growing business needs, increase technician bandwidth and experience level, and improve customer satisfaction. XOi allowed ACI to differentiate their service offering by giving customers full visibility of their equipment and repairs.

“XOi is a platform that gives us the ability to put the customer where we are, on the roof, in the mechanical plant, beside the pipe in the ground, or anywhere we go when providing service for our customer,” said Christopher Gathright, Service PM/Apprentice Supervisor.  “It lets us document the equipment and locations we are working. It not only gives the customer a level of transparency they would normally not have, but also assists the next technician who goes out to the customer.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Reduced Second Truck Rolls
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    Enhanced Quoting & Service Call Processes
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    Improved Work Completion & Ease of Follow Ups
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    Reduced Customer Credits & Call Backs
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    Increased Transparency with Visual Documentation

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