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Bruni and Campisi Case Study


Since 1979, Bruni & Campisi has provided homes with insulation, emergency air conditioning repair, and geothermal energy. This experienced and professional team of licensed and insured plumbers and HVAC technicians has maintained a reliable reputation dedicated to quality work and complete customer satisfaction.

Since implementing the XOi Vision app, Bruni & Campisi has experienced several benefits by utilizing the app’s capture capabilities to visually document each job. The use of photos and videos has increased their credibility and transparency with customers, and they’ve even been able to utilize jobsite before and after photos for marketing opportunities.

In addition to visual documentation, XOi’s automated workflows, Knowledge Base, and real-time interactive video calling capabilities have provided a means for Bruni & Campisi to improve the perception of service installers, enhance real-time diagnostics and recommendations, increase equipment sales, and improve the quality of installations.

“Technicians are able to take pictures and videos of equipment as soon as they arrive at the site, effectively documenting the state of the equipment or the problem found prior to doing any work,” said Keith Bruni, President. “The technician can then take after photos/videos to show the repairs made or the tune-up results.”


Partnering With XOi

  • Increased Transparency & Credibility with Customers
  • Increased Equipment Sales
  • Decreased Second Truck Rolls
  • Visual Documentation for Marketing Opportunities
  • Improved Quality Control & Customer Satisfaction
Southern New York
Number of Techs
Number of Customers
“Immediately when we saw the product, we had ideas about the massive credibility improvement it would bring. That, coupled with the differentiation factor, was our decision for purchasing XOi. It wasn’t until after implementation that we started finding other beneficial uses for it.”
Keith Bruni

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