Comfort Systems USA Northwest Case Study

Western Washington Region

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“XOi gives our techs a much more powerful tool that allows us to instantly verify and connect a value to any service we perform or recommend. Showing our customers visual proof is much more powerful than trying to write out a paragraph on a piece of paper, PDF, or note.”

Service General Manager


Established in 1984, Comfort Systems Northwest is a full service and mechanical contractor located in the Western Washington Region. With a committed customer base, the company remains true to its philosophy of providing quality jobs at competitive prices.

As a company that takes great pride in nurturing customer relationships, Comfort Systems Northwest sought an easy to use technology platform to improve transparency, communication, and job documentation for technicians and customers.

By implementing XOi’s Vision app, Comfort Systems Northwest has improved overall customer satisfaction and interactions through the use of data capture on each jobsite. With visual documentation and automated workflow capabilities, Vision has helped Comfort Systems Northwest increase transparency and efficiency through the use of real-time diagnostics. The app has also been an instrumental resource for technician enablement and education, helping to close the gap of the aging workforce.

“XOi brings the customers on site and into our technicians’ experiences,” said Clayton Hawkins, Service General Manager. “The app allows you to jump into a time machine, going back to the day service was performed on any past jobs, access the full scope of work, and see the video of what truly happened. This provides a great benefit to inside sales, customers with questions, or just reviewing what happened in the event of an issue arising.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Increased Transparency & Communication
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    Improved Customer Experience & Satisfaction
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    Streamlined Processes & Improved Efficiency
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    Real-time Remote Diagnostics
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    Improved Technician Enablement & Training

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