Conditioned Air Case Study

Macon, GA (60 mile radius)

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“XOi is a powerful platform that can be used in many different ways to create efficiencies, cohesion, and transparency between the field and our office. We haven’t come close to fully tapping into the platform’s capabilities yet, which is exciting.”


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Conditioned Air, Inc. was founded in 1938 with a foundation built on integrity, expertise, and service. Today, more than 70 years and thousands of customers later, Conditioned Air, Inc. is proud to carry out its legacy as the oldest heating and air conditioning company in Middle Georgia.

With its long history, Conditioned Air, Inc. sought a way to utilize the knowledge and expertise of its more seasoned techs to help the company’s younger techs and minimize second truck rolls and callbacks. Conditioned Air, Inc. turned to XOi when tasked with improving their current operations and means of internal and external communication, which were being done entirely over the phone. The XOi Vision app streamlined Conditioned Air, Inc.’s existing processes by providing centralized online location to view and share important job information, both internally between technicians and externally with customers.

“XOi has given our team a central location to store videos, pictures, model numbers, etc, creating cohesion amongst techs and the office,” said Albert McKay, Business Manager. “The platform allows techs to easily look back and glean information from previous jobs and also provides customers visual proof of the work we performed.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Streamlined and efficient workflows with visual documentation of recommended and performed work
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    Centralized location to store important job information, including videos, pictures, model numbers, etc.
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    Real-time remote support to help train junior techs on site and reduce our number of second truck rolls
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    Increased cohesion and transparency between the field and office
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    Easy and fast onboarding process, allowing techs to begin utilizing the app in just 1-5 days

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