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Comfort Systems USA MidAtlantic Case Study


Since 1970, Comfort Systems MidAtlantic has been an industry leader for HVAC, Mechanical, and Plumbing services in South Central Virginia and North Central North Carolina. The company specializes in mechanical services, process piping, controls, energy efficiency, and countless other non-residential building renovation and service needs to the area, and is committed to meeting and exceeding any complex building needs.


With no prior field service tool in place, Comfort Systems MidAtlantic discovered XOi’s Vision app when searching for a solution to enhance work quality in the field. Since implementing the technician first app, XOi has provided a means for Comfort Systems MidAtlantic to improve technical support and knowledge sharing among their clients and technicians.


In addition to streamlining processes for field service personnel, Comfort Systems MidAtlantic has also utilized XOi as part of their office operations. Vision has allowed their team to create new internal procedures, including electronic billing, dispatching, and data collection.


After implementing the Vision App, Comfort Systems MidAtlantic has the ability to validate their technicians’ work through the use of photos and videos, increase quality control and efficiency and create an overall better customer experience for their clients.


“The biggest benefit of XOi is the ability to share content with customers in a way that they better understand it,” said Billy Mahan, General Manager/Service. “The photos and videos allow our customers to view the work we’re recommending without having to go on the roof to see the unit.”


Partnering With XOi

  • Increased Transparency & Customer Communication
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Improved Technical Support & Knowledge Sharing
  • Streamlined Internal Processes & Improved Efficiency
  • Increased ROI
South Central Virginia, North Central North Carolina
Number of Techs
Under 20
Number of Customers
“XOi’s an easy-to-use tool that helps our team collaborate and work more efficiently. It helps our techs deliver customers the quality of service that they’re looking for because they can see the work being performed or recommended in our pictures and videos.”
ComfortCARE Manager

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