Comfort Systems USA Southeast Case Study

Georgia, South Alabama, Northwest Florida, Mississippi Gulf Coast, Western South Carolina

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“I just can’t say enough good things about the technology. The team of people at XOi are incredible. They’ve been instrumental in helping us utilize Vision at a much higher level than we initially adopted it for.”

Senior Vice President, Service


Headquartered in Pensacola, FL, Comfort Systems Southeast is one of the largest commercial contractors serving the FL, AL, GA, MS, and SC regions. 

In an effort to enhance customer communication and deliverables, Comfort Systems Southeast chose XOi Technologies to improve their overall service offering by enabling visual documentation and streamlined information sharing. The platform provides their team a centralized system of record to visually document and record all repairs, installations, new equipment startups, reporting, and maintenance. 

In addition, Comfort Systems Southeast utilizes XOi to monitor and ensure safety protocols. By creating tailored workflows for specific tasks, their technicians are now able to perform jobsite and vehicle safety audits and close call reporting – complete with required steps for visual documentation.

“I don’t know how we worked without XOi for as long as we did. It’s really made a difference for our customers,” said Duane Haley, Senior Vice President, Service. “Vision allows us to bring the rooftop or unit to each customer without making them walk outside. It’s a huge advantage for our business. If we didn’t adopt XOi, we’d get left behind.” 

Partnering With XOi

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    Increased Transparency & Communication
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    Improved Overall Customer Experience
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    Increased Customer Approval Rate
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    Tailored Workflows for Safety Audits
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    Streamlined Processes & Improved Efficiency

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