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Southeast Florida and Alabama

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“XOi allows our customers to ride “shotgun” with our technicians while they are diagnosing and fixing their HVAC equipment.”


Chief Operating Officer


Dedicated to energy efficiency, Engineered Cooling Services (ECS) is a HVAC maintenance service company that has served the Southeastern region of the U.S. since 2002. ECS works with commercial, industrial, institutional, and government organizations to further build efficient and sustainable operations.

Engineered Cooling Services utilitilizes XOi technology on every service and maintenance call they execute. The XOi Vision app has helped ECS improve the overall service they are able to provide their customers by increasing the efficiency of field personnel, enhancing processes, providing the ability to troubleshoot remotely, and enabling the ability to show their customers the problem and resolution in close to real-time – complete with photos and videos.

“We feel in order to stay ahead in this industry you must constantly be on the cutting edge of technology,” said Drew Adams, Chief Operating Officer, ECS. “Customers are used to being able to monitor their offices and homes in real- time, and we felt that implementing XOi would give our customers the ability to view their equipment from a completely different perspective.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Increased data at job sites for more efficient decision making
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    Improved efficiency of field personnel
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    Remote troubleshooting for faster problem solving on site
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    Real-time diagnostics
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    Enhanced training and technical support

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