Guardian Environmental Services Case Study

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“We’ve had a seamless implementation with XOi, and we’ve been really happy with the support we’ve received. I look at the XOi website quite often to see how other people are talking about the platform, and it gives you ideas of how we can use it more.”

Managing Director


Established in 1992, family owned, Guardian Environmental Services Ltd., provides HVAC services throughout the United Kingdom (UK). This group of highly trained engineers is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of every client. With a focus on high quality and tailored services, Guardian’s mission is to provide cost effective maintenance and installation solutions that meet the highest possible standards.

As technology and digital solutions evolve at a rapid pace, Guardian sought a modern solution to improve technical support and knowledge sharing amongst clients and engineers. During this search, Guardian was introduced to the XOi Vision app through recommendation from a current XOi customer.

Since implementing the user friendly application, Vision has helped Guardian provide their clients complete transparency into their service operations with full visual technical support through the use of photos and videos. Guardian has even utilized the app to create health and safety training videos for engineers to utilize while working in the field.

Ultimately, Vision has helped Guardian increase overall quality control, efficiency, visual documentation, and validation on every job.

“XOi has really given us a leg up that’s a differentiator against our competitors,” said Simon Thurstans, Managing Director. “It just gives our clients the added reassurance that we’re doing a full proper service. If there’s any disputes with a client, we’re covered with video content to say what’s actually been done”

Partnering With XOi

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    Increased Transparency & Communication
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    58% Decrease in Second Truck Rolls
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    22% Increase in Customer Referrals & Repeat Business
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    19% Reduction in Customer Credits
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    12% Increase in Tech Recommended Repairs

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