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How XOi Became JM Brennan’s Service-to-Sales MVP by Increasing Close Rates by 10%

The Challenge:

JM Brennan, Inc. faced several challenges in their service operations before adopting XOi. They had recently migrated to COINS ERP+ and utilized TEAMS for advanced tasking and field quoting. While these systems were useful in their own right, they lacked the necessary features and customization options to support JM Brennan’s innovative service vision, operationalize their ideas, and meet the evolving needs of their customers. The service reports generated were generic and lacked effective customization, hindering their ability to provide detailed documentation and tell the customer story. JM Brennan also struggled to find a way to efficiently document their service activities and condition assessments, which were crucial for both internal processes and customer communication.


The Solution:

JM Brennan discovered XOi and realized its potential to address their challenges. They were particularly drawn to XOi’s custom workflows, which allowed them to easily create and tailor processes to their specific needs. The ability to document their service activities with videos and easily share them with customers intrigued the team. As they began using XOi, they observed significant positive outcomes:

  • Exceptional Customer Response: When JM Brennan introduced XOi to their customers, they received exceptionally positive feedback. Customers were pleased with the ability to view visual quotes, preventive maintenance activities, and other service documentation.
  • Increased Sales and Revenue: The use of XOi in field quotes and customer presentations had a substantial impact on closing deals. JM Brennan’s customers could now see precisely why equipment needed replacement, leading to increased sales and revenue – and high levels of confidence.
  • Streamlined Workflows: XOi’s customizable workflows allowed JM Brennan to standardize service practices, ensuring consistency and quality in their work. Technicians now have clear guidelines, resulting in improved training processes.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Using XOi’s custom workflows, JM Brennan created their own rating system for equipment condition assessment, enabling them to be proactive in identifying potential issues. This proactive approach contributed to customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Integration with COINS ERP+: By integrating XOi with their COINS ERP+ system, JM Brennan streamlined their data management and reporting processes, resulting in more efficient operations.


The Results:

JM Brennan tracks various metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with XOi, including usage by technicians, safety-related data, end-of-life reports, and the number of quotes produced and secured.

  • 20% Reduction in Advanced Tasking on PM Agreements: XOi streamlined their tasking process, reducing the time needed to complete advanced tasking by 20%.
  • 10x Increased Customer Satisfaction: Standardized workflows and visual documentation led to a tenfold increase in customer satisfaction.
  • 100% Consistency in Preventive Maintenance: XOi helped JM Brennan achieve 100% consistency in preventive maintenance tasks.
  • 10% Higher Closure Rate on Field Quotes: JM Brennan anticipates a 10% increase in their closure rate for field quotes, leading to measurable revenue growth.


Implementation and Change Management:

JM Brennan fully embraced XOi from Day 1. Their leadership made it a priority to attend every single onboarding meeting and brought thoughtful questions to the table. They partnered with their XOi onboarding and customer success managers to provide their team with comprehensive training and support. They understood that change could be met with resistance and had to be led by leadership from the get-go, so they ensured that their team received the necessary coaching and assistance to become proficient with XOi and how it works with COINS.



JM Brennan, Inc. successfully transformed their service operations with XOi, addressing the challenges they faced in documenting service activities, providing better customer communication, and streamlining workflows. By leveraging the power of XOi’s customization, proactive maintenance features, and integration capabilities, JM Brennan enhanced customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and positioned themselves as an innovative and competitive player in their industry. Their commitment to adapting to new technology and their partnership with XOi have proven to be a winning combination for their business.

In the first 90 days of launching XOi, JM Brennan has seen a huge impact on their business.
10% Increase in Field Quote Close Rates
20% Increase in Advanced Tasking Efficiency
10x Increase in Customer Satisfaction
Design, Build, Retrofit, and Service for HVAC, Plumbing, Controls, and Fire Protection (plus an amazing Sheet metal, and piping fabrication shop)
Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin
Number of Technicians
84 Field Technicians (60 service HVAC, 12 service Plumbers, 4 fire alarm, 8 sprinkler service techs)
XOi has been a game-changer for us. The ability to see exactly what's happening in the field and share visual documentation with our customers has elevated our service to a whole new level. It's a win-win for everyone.
Scott Adams
Director of Service Operations

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