Malachy Parts and Service Case Study

New Jersey Metro Area, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut

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“Video changes perception. Through video, I’m allowing our company to be transparent, showing all customers and partners what we’re doing and why. I’m building trust day in and day out for the next 100 years.”

Chief Executive Officer


Founded over three decades ago with a goal of changing the way service was done in New Jersey, Malachy Parts & Service is devoted to providing the highest standards of quality service, technology, training, and education. With a rich history, legacy, and reputation for being an honest, hardworking name in the industry, Malachy has become a leader in commercial kitchen equipment service, maintenance, and installations.

With a focus on investing in their people to drive future growth and commitment to technology and expansion, Malachy Parts & Service sought a solution that would uphold these core values and drive the business forward. The adoption of XOi’s Vision app allowed them to take their service to the next level, significantly improving work quality, communication, and transparency with customers.

Since implementing the app, Malachy Parts & Service has seen a reduction in second truck rolls and customer credits, increased service request completion, increased business in tech recommended repairs, decreased callbacks, and increased ROI.

“My perception was always that this type of technology was necessary for us. Now that we are utilizing it every single day, I know I was right,” said Rich Malachy, CEO. “Right now, it’s all about urgency, quality, and technology. XOi is the technology that powers our trust building. Our goal is to show our customers and manufacturers the jobs being done and what is actually entailed by giving real insight into labor hours and the ‘why’ for parts replacement.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Increased Transparency with Visual Documentation
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    Improved Quality Control
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    Reduced Time to Quote
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    Increased ROI & Customer Referrals
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    Reduced Second Truck Rolls & Customer Credits

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