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With the help of XOi, SAM Service Slashed Their Service Order Second Truck Rolls by 52%

The Challenge:

Before adopting XOi, SAM Service, Inc. was searching for a way to make their technicians’ workflow and notes more consistent across the board, as well as a way to create a clearer and candid communication channel with each of their valued customers. While initially implementing dESCO ESC software in hopes of achieving this goal, they soon realized that they were struggling to find any consistency with the technicians’ input, as well as a viable process to share information with their customers. A more “standardized” approach and technician-centric application that aligned with the core values of the company with the work being done in the field was crucial for both internal processes and customer communication.


The Solution:

SAM Service discovered XOi and realized its potential to address these challenges and more. They were particularly drawn to XOi’s service summary links that each XOi job generates for the end customer, and the ability to make all of their technicians’ work and notes more consistent, creating a unified front. Once implementing XOi, they observed significant positive outcomes.

  • Earning Customer Trust: With the ability to send a detailed service link with an invoice or a quote, the customer now knows exactly what
    service was completed or what repairs and maintenance are needed,
    complete with notes, pictures, and video to make an educated buying decision.
  • Unified Technicians: With XOi, all of the technicians are capturing the exact same data, regardless of their experience. The workflows
    guide each technician, and ensure that they are providing the
    data to educate the customer, inform the company’s decisions, and build document asset-specific history future technicians will need.
  • Reduction in Second Truck Rolls: With standardized XOi workflows, SAM Service’s techs have clear, consistent equipment-specific history when they have to go back on a job, and it makes it easier for them to service and has helped them reduce their service order return trips by 52%.
  • Streamlined Fleet Maintenance: As a bonus, SAM Service also created a workflow to track their fleet maintenance. Utilizing daily pictures of the trucks and trailers, license plates, odometer readings, tire conditions, cleanliness, etc., XOi streamlines and simplifies the oversight process.


The Results:

With the tools provided by XOi, SAM Service has completely refined its day-to-day business operations. Once a technician arrives and starts a job, XOi documents their entire workflow from start to finish with notes, pictures, and video. Candid communication is a core value on which the company was founded, and now the technicians, as well as the customer, can count on complete transparency, consistency, and efficiency across the entire process.

Key Result
Since implementing XOi, SAM Service has seen a 52% reduction in the average number of service order return trips per technician.
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SAM Service Inc. has branches in Albany, Macon, and Atlanta Georgia, as well as Jacksonville Florida. They service the entire state of Georgia as well as North Florida and Southeast Alabama. Their Project Division has an even greater range, including the Mid-West and Northern States as well.
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“The way XOi keeps track of everything and simplifies our company-wide workflow is outstanding. Every week we find new ways to use XOi. It makes us think outside of the box and it helps us capture data better than anything we've used before. It's an excellent tool that helps us continue to innovate and provide the quality of work our customers expect and deserve.”
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