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SAM Service Case Study


SAM Service, Inc. is the premier choice for solving commercial kitchen equipment, HVAC, and refrigeration needs in select regions of Georgia and Florida. From on-demand service, planned maintenance, new equipment installation, and everything in between, SAM Service prides themselves for setting the “gold standard” for work quality and customer satisfaction. 

In order to better uphold this high standard of customer service, SAM Service sought a technology solution to improve the consistency of work quality amongst their technicians. To facilitate this need, they implemented the XOi Vision app to standardize processes in the field and improve data capture across every facet of the company.

By utilizing Vision to visually capture and document each job, SAM Service has been able to streamline ordering parts, creating quotes, and managing fleet maintenance and sharing through a technician to technician interface. Ultimately, the app has helped their technicians improve the overall accuracy, quality, and efficiency of their work as a whole. 

“XOi allows us to execute our core values in a way that allows our customers to see into every facet of the company,” said Jonathan Hatcher, Parts Administrator. “One of our core values is clear and candid communication with customers. XOi allows us to give that to the customer in a way they didn’t have before. Another one of our core values is to execute quality work, and they get to see that core value in action through an XOi link.”


Partnering With XOi

  • Increased Transparency with Visual Documentation
  • Improved Quality Control & Monitoring
  • Reduced Call Backs
  • Streamlined Processes & Improved Efficiency

Demand Service Division – Georgia & North Florida, Specialty Projects Division – Continental United States
Number of Techs
Number of Customers
200 Commercial Food Equipment and HVAC Customers
“The way XOi keeps track of everything and simplifies our company-wide workflow is outstanding. Every week, we find new ways to use XOi. It makes us think outside of the box, and it helps us capture data better than anything we’ve used before. It’s an excellent tool that helps us continue to innovate and provide the quality of work our customers expect and deserve.”
Parts Administrator

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