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TDIndustries Case Study


Founded in 1946, TDIndustries (TD) began as an AC distributor in downtown Dallas, Texas. Today, TDIndustries is a 100% employee-owned, premier construction and facilities services company. With a commitment to quality work through service, leadership, and collective ownership, TD maintains a passion to learn, teach, and inspire others to do their best.

As digital transformation continues to take hold of the service industry, TD recognized a need to transform its service offerings to keep up with modern demands and expectations. As part of this transformation, TD implemented the XOi Vision app in order to improve their service offering and customer satisfaction through visual intelligence. The Vision platform has helped TD provide a smoother onboarding process, complete with improved transparency and visual documentation of each job. By including photos, videos, and in-depth overviews with every job, TD was able to improve validation of work, quality control, and overall efficiency.

“I appreciate the vision of Capture, Coach, and Collaborate,” said Chuck Swallow, Vice President. “It was the main driver for us to integrate the technology into our technician workflows.”


Partnering With XOi

  • Improved Overall Customer Experience
  • Enhanced Value Props
  • Smoother Onboarding Process
  • Increased Transparency & Communication
  • Streamlined Processes & Improved Efficiency
Texas and Arizona
Number of Techs
Number of Customers
“Everyone values the technology, but for owners who are geographically challenged, having the videos is invaluable.”
Chuck Swallow
Vice President

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