Watts Case Study

Pacific Northwest

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“XOi is a fantastic product whose training elements and documentation give wisdom for younger techs. It helps build confidence, strengthen morale, and lessens frustration for green techs wanting to learn.”


Luke Watts
Service Manager


Founded by Loren Watts in 1999, Watts Heating and Cooling has grown to deliver expert HVAC service to multiple communities in the greater Portland area. They serve all of their clients needs by specializing in routine maintenance, general service needs, emergency repair, and complete system replacement.

At Watts, they know delivering excellent customer service starts with well-trained, experienced, and enthusiastic technicians. When XOi was recommended as a full-service technology solution by Watts’ distributor’s territory manager, Scott Webb, Watts was ready for a product that could help create service processes, training, and quality control.

“Our upgrade sales have increased from an average of $350 to $950 per ticket. That $600 jump is mostly because of XOi and being able to visually show our customers what I am suggesting,” said Luke Watts. “Plus, with XOi, we can give constructive criticism to our techs by showing them training videos on the Watts way to do the job.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Significantly improved green tech training
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    Increased upgrade tickets by an average of $600 per ticket
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    Delivers excellent customer service through visual evidence
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    Developed clear and followable work processes
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    Reduced in field mistakes and errors
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    Increased team morale

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