WCE Case Study

Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas

Number of Techs

Number of Customers
4,000 locations

“It’s the way of the future. The future of service. That’s the way the entire world is headed, and this industry usually lags behind in that. This solution really provides a platform for what future service is going to look like and how it’s going to run. It’s the ultimate key to transparency for inside and outside of the organization.”


Chief Executive Officer


Founded by Joel Zolin, Windy City Equipment (WCE) began as a one-man operation, repairing only a few pieces of restaurant equipment. Fast forward to today, and WCE accommodates thousands of restaurants and institutions throughout the southwest market.

Windy City Equipment is a big advocate for working to change the general perception of the field service industry. Prior to implementing XOi, one of the biggest challenges WCE faced was the inability to provide an in-depth explanation of the technicalities of a job to their customers. This created a barrier between technicians and customers, as customers often struggled to understand the complexities and content of their service calls.

By implementing XOi, WCE was able to bridge the gap of communication between their technicians and customer base. The Vision app has provided WCE with the tools needed to capture and document service calls through the use of pictures, videos, live video tech support, site calls, and remote diagnostic services. These user friendly tools and capabilities have helped enable WCE’s mission to provide complete transparency to their customers.

“The software is one thing, but having the ability to tell our customers we are committed to transparency and this is how we do it goes a long way with them as well,” said Josh Zolin, CEO, Windy City Equipment. “Anytime we come across a piece of equipment that they’d like us to fix that isn’t worth fixing, it’s easy to show them why with XOi.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Remote customer support and diagnostics from anywhere in the country
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    Increased job visibility and transparency – improved customer understanding
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    Quality control – improved communication with customer base
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    Enhanced workflows – thorough documentation with pictures and videos

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