Service World Expo

All the old guys are retiring, and the young ones are morons!

Points of Interest

2:07 – Setting the stage: The reality of the skilled trades gap.


5:55 – Crowd Question: What have you guys done to solve the skilled trades problem in your businesses today?


11:21 – The technology gap existing field service software doesn’t fill. It’s clearly a thriving market, so what could they be missing?


14:00 – Incorporating photos & videos into your everyday processes, Step 1: Find a platform that impacts techs in a positive way.


16:23 – Specific uses cases: Examples of how effective videos can be in driving consumer transparency & differentiating your business.

      • 18:20 – Build trust, win more business.
      • 20:38 – Decrease customer credits.
      • 23:47 – Optimize sales.
      • 26:29 – Quality validation.
      • 28:23 – Safety adherence.

30:31 – Expanding into richer solutions like intelligent knowledge repositories & AR. Be careful not to adopt technology just for the sake of it being “cool” modern tech.


33:05 – Step 2: Enable quick & easy access to the info being gathered. Avoid techs hitting the easy button (AKA calling their service manager).


35:36 – Step 3: Launch a live video call when needed. Leverage a solution that’s built FOR the field & record the interactions for future reference.


40:46 – Recap & Questions.