XOi Delivers Results
Customer Success Stories by the Numbers
XOi Technologies is changing the way field service companies capture data, create efficiencies, collaborate with their technicians, and differentiate their businesses.

Contractors using XOi typically see results that look like these:

1 %

Increase in Completed Service Requests

1 %

Increase in Revenue Per Requests

50 %

Decrease in Second Truck Rolls

HVAC OEM, Service Division
Chicago, IL
Customer calls the contractor to dispute work performed on a specific site, accusing them for problems and intent on firing the contractor.
On-site technician shares with the customer videos he captured through XOi, highlighting the initial site conditions and work performed. Customer realizes the contractor is not at fault for the issues found and rather than firing the contractor, asks for videos from now on in all repair/replacement instances.
Contractor received an $80,000 purchase order for repair work brought to the customer’s attention via XOi video and is in the final stage of approval for a second P.O. for additional work. Every technician now captures and provides this video content on every single job.
Customer Trust
Increased Close Percentages
Internal Efficiency
​Commercial Mechanical Contractor

Queens, NY

Marketing & Sales
Increased Close Rates
Busy season always had technicians so focused on doing the work in front of them, closing new business on tech-found work was not a priority. Historically, this close rate has sat at about 66% during the months of July, August, and September, and the contractor wanted a way to increase that without adding more time to technicians’ days.
Technicians tested the value of XOi in their on-site sales process by dividing their opportunities in half—half of their quotes included XOi-captured content, while half did not (their original process).
Tested at the same time during the busy summer months, quotes NOT including XOi content hovered at a 67.86% close rate, while quotes that included XOi content closed at a 93% rate. After two months of testing, contractor adopted XOi into every quoting situation.
Close rate without XOi​ | 67.86%0%
Close rate including XOi | 93%0%
Commercial Mechanical Contractor
Knoxville, TN
On average, the contractor was providing 14 customer credits per month due to billing disputes. The contractor didn’t have any evidence on which they could prove or disprove these claims, so they had no choice but to issue the credits and concede to additional work in order to keep the customers.
Contractor’s technicians now capture video documentation of “before” and “after” site conditions on every job, providing it to every customer to validate their work.
Contractor now averages ONE customer credit per month through providing consistent video documentation.

Average Customer Credits per month

Customer Trust
Quality Validation
Billing Support
​Residential Home
Services Contractor
Houston, TX
Process Improvement
Quality Validation
Increased Profit Margins
Contractor’s re-service rate was averaging at 20%, while failed inspections of installed equipment were averaging about 4%.To be more time- and cost-effective, not to mention provide a better customer experience, the contractor needed to reduce these rates.
To consistently validate quality on every job, the contractor’s technicians
began using automated workflows to facilitate visual documentation of work
performed. Formerly manual task lists were transformed into photo and video
evidence ensuring the job is done right the first time.
Contractor now averages a re-service rate of only 4% (down from 20%), and since implementing XOi in March 2019, has failed only one inspection.

Average Re-service Rate

Before XOi | 20%0%
With XOi | 4%0%