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Employer of choice
How XOi Helps arrow Become an Employer of Choice

Become an Employer of Choice

XOi is an apprenticeship training platform providing new and seasoned techs with microlearning opportunities in the field.

How XOi Works

Give your techs access to an extensive knowledge base, the ability to reference all work previously completed on a unit, and a direct connection to an expert.

Train techs effectively, on the job, and in less time.

Reduce Operational Expenses

Expertly train new techs efficiently on the job and save money on the cost of in-house support.

42% Savings on Cost

XOi saves our customers 42% on the cost of in-house support.

Happier Techs

Whether you’re staffed with green or experienced techs, they’ll continue to learn on the job without a lengthy training process.

“Innovative technology that will eventually be the “norm” in the service industry.”

Jordan Goldenstein

Atomatic Mechanical Services

Employer of choice

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