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7 Tips to Create Safe Business Practices During COVID-19

From small shops to large shops, from residential businesses to commercial businesses, our customers are wondering how to stay active and safe during this global uncertainty.

Why are they reaching out to us? Using the XOi platform, our clients are able to help protect their teams and their customers during this time of social distancing with video, photos, and live calls.

We at XOi certainly didn’t create our technology with a worldwide threat in mind, but we are thankful that we did and so are our clients.

We would like to share these 7 tips with you in hopes that we can help keep your businesses going, your techs and customers safe, all while providing a valuable service. Enjoy!

1. Social Distancing

By sharing content from workflows virtually, rather than in person, Vision allows your team to connect to the home base and customers using videos, photos, and written recaps of services provided instantly and with no face-to-face interaction.

Build trust with your customers by communicating for sales, service, and installation all while maintaining a safe distance.

2. Limiting Exposure to Team Members at Risk

You’ve seen the warnings in the news and on social that people over the age of 65, those with heart conditions, asthma, diabetes or are immune-compromised have a higher chance of contracting COVID-19.

Protect your at-risk team, while keeping them at work and more importantly working, by utilizing them in the virtual environment. Record their expertise to workflow instructions, create training videos of that 40-years of know-how, and let them support their team in the field through the augmented reality support of Live Call.

3. Maintaining Quality Work While Limiting Field Exposure

A quick and customizable review workflow will allow quality control from Service Managers directly in the field without having them travel to a job site or engaging in multiple diagnostic conversations.

Our customers show an average of a 35% increase in service requests completed after implementing XOi. This means more jobs completed in less time with high quality, protecting your employees and your bottom line.

4. Growing and Establishing Differentiation While Social Distancing

Your customers are seeking transparency on work provided as well as safety protocols in place. Sharing a quality recap with photos and videos virtually after each service build trust and respect.

Showcasing this automatic transparency not only will help reassuring existing customers but also be a positive factor when you head to the bidding table as established business practices.

5. Not Over-Burdening Experienced Techs

New technology can be intimidating or seen as a burden when your best techs have been operating without it this whole time. The ease of implementing new technology is the deciding factor in workforce adoption.

XOi was created with simplicity in mind. Auto note dictation — check. Electronic workflows to replace paper ones — check. Instant submission with no further steps – check. Take a picture of a data-plate and automatically generate tags for unit make, model, and serial number (more functionality coming soon!) — check. Easily access an extensive knowledge base with over 50,000 schematics, wireframes, and manuals — check. Users on XOi’s platform average only 2 minutes of use to capture meaningful information shareable with both their companies and their customers.

6. Determining the Necessity of Jobsite Visits

Live Call can connect your techs safely to your customers virtually to put eyes on the site and/or unit prior to making the decision to send someone to the location.

Additionally, once you know what you’re looking at, you can ensure that you’re sending the right technician with the right skills in order to limit their time on site.

7. Reduce the Need for Multiple Employees to Visit a Job Site

XOi provides a multi-front solution for improving efficiency and reducing the need to send out another truck and employee.

  1. Technicians have access to detailed workflows that show them “what right looks like” for each step in a process through video, photo, or text instructions that must be completed for the job to be finished. Our customers use these workflows to institutionalize the knowledge of their leaders and make it readily available to their entire teams through the XOi platform.
  2. When a sales opportunity is discovered in the field, workflows allow you to prescribe what you would like a technician to look for, what video/photo content to capture, and have it sent directly to a member of the sales team for review through XOi. This helps our customers find more sales opportunities, deliver a higher speed to quote, and show customers exactly what is being quoted – all virtually and in consideration of social distancing.
  3. XOi also includes a knowledge base with roughly 50,000 pieces of content like wiring diagrams and manuals in order to support technicians in the field. Customers of XOi also bring their existing libraries of information into our platform, tagging all content to create a fully searchable source of relevant information for technicians to problem solve with.
  4. Finally, XOi’s Live call functionality means that if your technician still needs help after using workflows, instructions, and the knowledge base, they can receive live support from a manager, journeyperson, or other leaders in your organization without having to bring them on site. The supporting technician will be able to see what the tech in the field is seeing, and use augmented reality tools to let them do things like pause, zoom in, and circle on the screen for collaborative problem solving – all done remotely. You can even have these interactions recorded and send them to the rest of your team as a virtual training!

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