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Room To Grow in Skilled Trades

🔝There’s always room to grow in the skilled trades. And with the right tools, there’s no ceiling on what can be achieved.

Riddleberger Brothers Inc. service tech Nick Trent has discovered that when you take the problem-solving mentality of a technician, and bolster it with the use of technology, it completely supercharges the work ethic of the team.

Nick shares insights into his dynamic journey within this ever-evolving field. Staying ahead of the curve has been his mantra, and a crucial ally in this endeavor has been XOi, a technological game-changer.

Nick has discovered that growth knows no bounds with the right tools at hand. His experience underscores the immense potential that exists when technology and expertise converge seamlessly.

Nick has seamlessly integrated XOi into every facet of his role – from intricate diagnostics to intricate repairs. An aspect he finds particularly rewarding is his ability to visually demonstrate the nuances of his work to clients. Whether it’s showcasing the grime within a filter or the clogging of a coil, this hands-on approach not only highlights issues but also educates customers about effective solutions.

After successfully executing a major repair, a system malfunctioned due to a different cause weeks later. Fortunately, thanks to XOi, Nick had video documentation of the initial repair, which provided tangible evidence of their quality service. This not only reinforced credibility but also showcased the potent blend of technology and expertise.

A significant challenge arises when faced with unfamiliar equipment devoid of adequate support or resources. Nick thrives in these moments, where quick thinking and adept problem-solving are paramount. It’s during these critical junctures that his prowess truly shines.

The ultimate gratification for Nick lies in completing a job with finesse. Knowing that his efforts have alleviated a predicament for someone else is an unmatched reward.

The commitment to excellence, further fortified by the integration of XOi, has proven to be a catalyst for new opportunities. The exceptional work accomplished through this tool has resonated positively with clients, translating to an influx of new business.

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