Service Business Mastery: Revolutionizing Data Gathering in Field Service

The ultimate value of any service business is knowledge.

In the latest episode of the Service Business Mastery Podcast, our own Aaron Salow rejoins host Tersh Blissett to discuss the revolutionary effect modern smart technologies are having on data collection and analysis in field service.

During this discussion, Tersh and Aaron deep dive into the innovative ways XOi empowers field technicians to collect and visually document critical job information, all while ensuring each job is completed safely, efficiently, and successfully.

Tune in as we discuss how new technologies significantly improve:

  • The technician on site journey in the “curb-to-curb” space
  • Work validation and communication for commercial and residential customers
  • Information and knowledge sharing and “crowdsourcing” amongst technicians
  • Remote job support, technician training, and troubleshooting
  • Job, equipment, and technician data collection and analysis

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