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Customers Buy What They Can See

When selling both products and services, show and tell plays a major component in communicating delivered value to your prospects and customers. In the field service industry, the show component tips the scales in building trust and buy in from customers who often don’t understand the ins and outs of what goes into servicing their equipment. Here at XOi, we stand by the notion that “seeing is believing,” which is why the capture component of the XOi Vision app was designed specifically to help technicians provide their customers the highest level of transparency while on the job. Whether a unit is located in a crawl space, basement, or attic, photos, videos, and live video calling capabilities allow techs to give their customers a full visual overview of the work at hand, helping them better understand and validate any recommended or completed work.

“XOi allows our customers to ride “shotgun” with our technicians while they are diagnosing and fixing their HVAC equipment.”

– Drew Adams, COO, Engineered Cooling Services

So, that’s the show part up front. Customers love to buy what they can see, and in the case of expensive equipment repairs, maintenance, and installations, many aren’t willing to roll the dice without first validating the need and quality of work. And techs know this validation and decision making process can be time consuming when customers are expected to just trust a technician’s word for it.

What if there was a way to expedite the decision making process?

Today’s tech-savvy customers expect more than just words. If they are facing a high-cost repair or replacement, they need to see visual evidence—the laboring compressor that is wheezing away or the water dripping below the unit. They want to see the most up-to-date equipment schematics with realistic cost estimates on their repair vs. replace decisions. Both chronologically and alphabetically, transparency precedes trust. A photo or video taken by your tech in the field inspires accountability. When you show that video to a customer accompanied by all the technical bells and whistles—you inspire the customer. Utilizing technologies that can provide your customers a complete, visual overview of the state of their equipment and quoted or performed work is one of the best and fastest ways to educate them. This level of transparency ultimately builds trust, which can help you expedite the decision making process to close more deals and open the doors to new service locations that were previously out of reach.

“With XOi, we now have a level of service that none of our competitors currently have. With that service comes transparency, understanding, clarity, validation, and protection.”

– Scott Adler, Service Group Manager, W. Soule

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