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[White Paper] Keys to Successful Field Service Software Change

As field service businesses grow and evolve, and as the industry itself continues its rapid transformation, the software needs of companies change.

The chronic shortage of skilled labor across industries is a defining feature of the global employment market in recent years. Nearly seven in 10 employers in the skilled trades report1 difficulty hiring workers, with half of employers affirming that labor shortages are negatively impacting their company’s growth. As retirements cascade over the coming years, the crisis will accelerate.

These conditions are driving rapid technology adoption as well as fast-paced developments in technology designed for the industry. Unfortunately, changes in technology often result in major disruptions to established processes. Ultimately, an unsuccessful technology change can introduce new inefficiencies, adding time and increasing the risk of human error as team members continue (or even return to) completing labor intensive administrative tasks by hand.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Done right, there’s nothing scary about managing your company’s field service software change.

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