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How to Reach the Promised Land of Customer Experience

Part 2: Knock-Their-Socks-Off Service Takes More than a Clean Truck & Tucked in Shirt

In the first article of this series, we looked at how the needs and expectations of service customers are changing in the digital age. Today’s field service customers want an easy, convenient customer experience that provides plenty of information to help them make good decisions about their assets.

In the past, it was hard to give customers a complete sense of what was happening on the rooftop. But today, a connected, visual communication platform like XOi Vision™ enables technicians to show customers exactly what is wrong with HVAC, plumbing, or electrical fixed assets using photo and video content. Now even remote facilities managers can benefit from the same bird’s eye view that onsite managers would enjoy.

After the job is approved and work performed, technicians document the completion of the job by providing video and photo evidence to the customers. On-demand information combined with immediate, transparent communication builds trust with customers. They are more likely to use the same organization in the future and will approve jobs more quickly based on video evidence from the tech.

The Foundational Value of XOi Vision™

Visual communication with Vision™ is powerful in many ways. There are three ways that Vision™ helps increase field service efficiency and enhance the customer experience:

  • Put the best tech on every site. Techs can collaborate and train on the job for quicker issue resolution. No more rolling a second truck or waiting around on the job site for another more experienced tech to arrive.
  • Sell more, without needing more. Build trusting relationships with customers through open, straight-forward, visual communication.
  • Every worksite is documented. Reduce liability (and customer finger pointing) if something goes wrong with an asset later by proving your work today. (A little CYA goes a long way.) Vision™ can also help you document safety compliance and potentially reduce insurance premiums.

Drive More Revenue by Delighting Customers

Vision™ enables field service organizations to delight customers and win their trust and loyalty. It is obvious why this should drive more revenue….

  • Existing customers place more orders and approve jobs more efficiently
  • Techs document jobs more quickly, enabling them spend more time with customers
  • Win new customers using Vision™ to differentiate your service from competitors

Real-world results from firms using Vision™ bear this out:

  • 35% increase in the number of service requests completed
  • 24% increase in revenue value of service requests
  • 21% increase in close ratio for technician-quoted work

In addition to the quantitative measurements, Vision™ users are getting qualitative feedback from their own customers as they receive visual forms of communication inside service proposals and invoices. Here are some actual quotes from end-customer feedback received by field service organizations using XOi Vision™:

“This will be a great asset to your invoicing. It is a huge help to see what the techs saw.”

“This is very helpful considering I am the facilities manager for all of the ‘other remote’ site. This will make it easier to approve repairs without going out to inspect the equipment beforehand.”

“This was very valuable when I had to show my boss…”

Those are the thoughts of customers who experience a knock-their-socks-off service experience.

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