How XOi Helps arrow Streamline Operational Processes

Streamline Operational Processes

XOi creates best practices for your business. We take your manual processes like checklists, note taking, customer correspondence, and data analysis and turn them into simple digital experiences.

How XOi Works

All jobsite work is documented and captured in workflows—not kept in the tech’s brain or lost from device to device.

Take your processes from manual to automatic and watch the benefits pour in.

Reduce Operational Expenses

Streamlined processes=reduced discrepancies on a job, cutting back the need for customer credits and callbacks.

30% Reductions in credits

XOi users see a 30% reduction in customer credits.

Increase Revenue

Consistent, excellent service builds a good reputation. Good reputations lead to more customers, upsells, and referrals.

1M+ Revenue Increase

XOi customers earn $1M+ from replacement and PM contracts.

Happier Techs

With XOi, tech’s have a roadmap to success on every job.

Customer Satisfaction

Documented site work gives customers transparency into your tech’s processes, and transparency builds trust.

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“Our clients love the transparency and ability to see the work we have completed without having to climb up to the roof.”

Denny Mann

Marina Mechanical

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