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How XOi Helps arrow Create an Elite Customer Experience

Create an Elite Customer Experience

With XOi, customers are provided with the highest level of jobsite transparency.

How XOi Works

Show your customers the work that needs to be done. Through photo and video capture, techs document site work to give customers transparency and data-backed recommendations.

With XOi, you’ll move from a standard vendor to an advisor role for your customers.

Reduce Operational Expenses

XOi is the gateway between the equipment, the tech, and the customer—allowing you to communicate every step of the way and save on fixes, second truck rolls, and credits.

30% Customer Credit Reductions

XOi users see a 30% reduction in customer credits

Increase Revenue

Consistent, excellent service builds a good reputation. Good reputations lead to happier customers, upsells, and referrals.

1M+ Revenue Increase

XOi contractors earn $1M+ from replacement and PM contracts.

Happier Techs

Watch your techs become heroes to the customer by making recommendations, based on data, on where customers should and should not spend their money

XOi gives our techs the ability to really show the value that they’re providing to the customer – what they’re doing when they’re on site. That level of transparency is especially helpful to a customer that’s not super technical.

— Michael Clement, Tolin

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WATCH: With XOi, Kyle shows his customers a first-person perspective of the jobsite.

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