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XOi team at an all hands event

Who We Are

The team at XOi pride ourselves on creating an open and honest environment where collaboration can thrive. We’re a helpful and hardworking team dedicated to transforming the field service industry through powerful technology. If you’re someone with big ideas and the skills and drive to make them happen, we want to talk to you. Reach out to learn more about careers at XOi.

Life at XOi

Hear from the XOi team about how they’re building their careers and futures.

What Do You Like About Working at XOi?

Hear from Events Manager Sidney Snyder.

What Made You Take the Job?

Product Manager Mariana Robelo tells us about the “thing” that made her say yes.

Are You Achieving Personal Goals at XOi?

Senior Product Manager Greg Thoman shares his personal growth trajectory at XOi.

What Does a Typical Work Day Look Like?

Selena Judd, Senior Sales and Marketing Operations Manager, shares a typical day in the life at XOi.

How is XOi Different From Other Companies?

Senior Solutions Engineer Dustin Young explains why he made the jump from field tech to XOi.

Love Your Work

and enjoy the benefits of working at an exciting, innovative technology company.

Remote Work

As a remote-first company, we are intentional in building community without a physical office.

Discretionary Time Off

Personal time and wellness is extremely important to our company mission. We encourage our team members to take the time off they need and deserve.


We offer comprehensive health benefits, 10 days of sick leave, a wellness stipend, and a company sponsored Headspace subscription.

How We Hire

At XOi, we value experience, diversity of thought and growth potential. It’s important to us to get to know the whole you—how you think, how you approach problem solving, your personal and professional motivations, and your passion for our mission in serving not only the companies, but also the technicians who are in the field taking care of all of us on a daily basis.

xoi team at an all hands event
Who We Hire

We are excited to meet individuals who are inspired by our values and have a passion to drive for excellence in everything they do.

XOi Core Values

Our core values drive everything we do at XOi, and also how we approach conversations with prospective employees.

1. We put ourselves in our technician’s work boots.

2. We always do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

3. We win and lose together.

4. We are committed to intentional learning and growth.

5. We are alert, articulate, and action oriented.

How You Elevate XOi

1. You work to support efforts directly around you and across our entire team.

2. You build and garner trust with teammates and customers.

3. You recognize your strengths and opportunities and you value personal accountability in everything you do.

4. You have the right experience! Whether it’s experience-based diversity or specific experience.

5. You bring business acumen to think on your feet and the ability to think beyond the ask.

6. You’re excited about the problems we’re solving. We believe our work matters and directly ties to individuals in our own communities.

What You Can Expect in Our Process

We believe in creating a warm introduction and a transparent interview process. We care about the individuals that care about getting to know XOi. The reality is, we can’t speak with everyone, but your information never goes unnoticed or unrecognized—we take the time to review every application. While your application may not align with the role you have applied for, please know we are diligent in continually reviewing applications and resumes regardless of the role. We encourage anyone who feels their skills align with our current openings to apply. If we determine it make sense to move forward, the process could look like this:

1. You’ll chat with our Director of HR. This conversation could be 30-45 minutes and in some cases, will require a second conversation to dive deeper into your experience.

2. Hiring manager Facetime! Most of our conversations are done via Zoom, so this is an opportunity for you to meet with the hiring manager of the team you are interviewing with. In most cases, this conversation will be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Typically, this is a high-level conversation—we want to get to know you, your vibe, how you think, and the type of projects or products you are working on.

3. If all parties are interested after the first two interviews, depending on the team, this third round could be a technical interview, technical exercise, a case study exercise, or preparing a presentation. In all cases, our goal is to understand you, how you solve problems, and how you approach your work. We want to learn more about your successes and failures because we value all of those experiences.

4. From here, every interview scenario is different. Follow up could be 1-2 more conversations or a team interview. If you’re under serious consideration at this stage, it’s important that you meet individuals on your team and across the organization.

5. Decision time. Once we have completed all of the conversations and gathered feedback, HR will initiate references. If we decide you are the right person for the job, you’ll be given a verbal offer and we’ll share information on our benefits, PTO, and other ancillary perks. Based on that conversation, we will present a formal offer. We aim to respond within 48 hours to your application. We also encourage anyone interested in XOi to continue to apply as they see new roles and opportunities they believe they would be a good fit for.

Hiring FAQs

Can I reach out to someone after I apply?

Yes! You can always reach out to our Director of HR, Kristin McKinney. You can reach out to her via LinkedIn or at kmckinney@xoi.io. She will do her best to respond to any and all inquiries.

What if I have questions throughout the interview process?

Our Director of HR will talk through our hiring process in the initial conversation and is diligent in making sure there is clarity on each of the steps, what to expect, and who you will be speaking with. If you have further questions, she’s your person.

How long does the interview process typically take?

It can depend on the role and the department, but our goal is to find the right person when they are available. Pending scheduling challenges, our goal is to move as quickly as possible.

Interviews and Preparation:

For every interview, regardless of the step, we encourage you to be prepared. Take some time to learn about who we are and what we do, because we will likely ask!


We know you’re investing a lot of time into this process. Our goal is to provide you feedback within 48 hours post-interview. If for any reason that’s not possible, we’ll do our best to communicate and and provide you with a realistic feedback timeframe.


You will hear from multiple teams, including HR, prior to your start date. On day one, you’ll be introduced to the company, our core values, and your team members. Each department will have a different onboarding process with a focus on ensuring you are learning, growing and prepared to step into your role with ease.

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