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How XOi Helps arrow Increase Jobsite Productivity

Increase Jobsite Productivity

XOi delivers the answers to you, instead of wasting time trying to identify a jobsite fix via antiquated or unreliable sources.

How XOi Works

Job feedback is provided to techs in real-time, all they need to do is capture a dataplate photo.

They say that “time=money.” We take that personally.

Reduce Operational Expenses

Using XOi results in reduced time and money on site trying to diagnose & fix a problem.

20% Reduction in task time

XOi users see 20% reduction in time per task.

Increase Revenue

With instant access to trends about the assets they work on, techs can identify upsell opportunities in real-time.

24% Increase in revenue

XOi produces a 24% increase in revenue per service call.

Happier Techs

More productivity=more jobs, customers, and steady work for your techs.

69 NPS score

Techs love XOi. We average about 40 points higher than the best in class Executive Net Promoter Score.

Customer Satisfaction

With XOi, customers trust in your technician’s ability because they’re solving problems quickly.

Danny Koontz

WATCH: Danny Koontz of Windy City Equipment increases jobsite productivity with XOi.

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