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XOi Value Calculator

How much value can XOi bring to your business?
Calculate your cost savings and the typical increases in revenue you’ll gain with XOi.

Are you a Residential Business, Commercial Business, or Both?
How many techs do you employ?
Number of second truck rolls and callbacks per month
Number of customer credits per month
Number of units serviced per year
Number of hours techs spend on support calls per week

* This tool is not intended to guarantee specific results, but rather serve as an indicator of the potential yearly return you can achieve with full XOi implementation and usage.

Total Profit $
Total Increased Revenue per year $
Total Cost Savings per year $
$ saved on truck rolls XOi reduces your need for a second truck by 40%. With a $500 average cost to roll a truck, XOi is saving you $ per year.
$ saved on customer credits XOi reduces customer credits by 80%. With a $400 average per customer credit, XOi saves you $ per year.
$ earned on end of life opportunities The average revenue of a new unit instillation is $3,300. XOi identifies 16% more EOL opportunities.
$ saved on in-house support calls With the cost of in-house support at an average of $75/hour, XOi saves you $ per year on the cost of in-house support.