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How XOi Works

XOi is a powerful jobsite tool that connects people, from all parts of the field service ecosystem, with the equipment they service.

Collect, Connect, and Capitalize With XOi

Jobsite data, like unit information and work documentation, is easily collected by technicians while performing a job. Once collected, techs and back office staff connect with that data to fix problems fast and capitalize on new opportunities.


With the XOi platform, techs easily collect essential job site data: asset information, issues found, fixes applied, and more.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology – Take one single photo to spark an entire system of intelligence.

Standardize Workflows – Create consistency on every job, every time, from every tech.

Photos & Transcribed Videos – Tell the story of the jobsite with photo and video evidence. Communicate better with your customers.

How can I streamline my operational processes?

XOi creates best practices for your business. We take your manual processes—like check lists, note taking, customer correspondence, and data analysis— and turn them into simple digital experiences.

How much will my tech’s job productivity increase?

Contractors using XOi typically see a 35% increase in completed service requests.


Provide technicians with the job information they need, when they need it.


Knowledge Base – Access diagrams, manuals, videos, previous work and more in one easy-to-use tool.

XOi Mentors – Timely help from an expert without a 2nd truck roll.

Personalized Alerts – Techs connect to all the asset information they need on a job—delivered automatically.

How can I expertly train new techs?

XOi is an apprenticeship training platform providing techs young and old with microlearning opportunities in the field.

How much can I reduce my operational expenses?

XOi users typically see a 40% reduction in second truck rolls, a 30% decrease in customer credits, and save 42% on the cost of in-house support.


Spark action from collected jobsite data and improve your bottom line.


Technician Insights – Increase first-time fix rates and understand which techs are your experts on specific OEM units to win more bids & contracts and generate more revenue per tech.

Operational Insights – Your data is automatically analyzed to provide revenue boosting and efficiency increasing insights.

Trends, Benchmarks and Service Bulletins – Understand your changing business, know where your deficiencies are and where to focus your capital.

How do I find more revenue opportunities?

XOi delivers automatic insights, leading you to easily plan and shift investments and secure more revenue from preventative maintenance contracts, end of life opportunities, and see a significant reduction in cost per lead.

How can I better budget my expenses?

XOi’s data-backed, tech-focused technology is the solution to the modern approach to capital planning for you and your customer. Be consistent and proactive based on real-time data you’ve collected.

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