Tolin Case Study

Colorado, Greater Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona, Washington, D.C.

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“XOi gives our techs the ability to really show the value that they’re providing to the customer – what they’re doing when they’re on site. That level of transparency is especially helpful to a customer that’s not super technical. It gives them a better understanding of what’s going on with their equipment.”

Chief Operating Officer


Established in 1948 in Denver, Colorado, Tolin Mechanical is a client focused, full service facility management company. Creating partnerships with commercial, industrial, institutional, and government organizations, Tolin maintains buildings for safe, healthy, and energy efficient operations.

After observing the success of the XOi Vision app with its sister companies, Tolin chose to implement the solution to streamline data capture and communication amongst techs and customers. Using Vision, Tolin has established a new level of transparency through visual documentation and work verification. The platform has given Tolin a new medium for communication, improving customer satisfaction and decision making.

In addition, Tolin has utilized the app to streamline quoting through remote diagnostics, increase close rates, decrease call backs, and increase repeat business. Tolin has also utilized the app to streamline knowledge sharing between senior technicians and the incoming workforce.

“XOi is more valuable than I could have imagined,” said Kurt Bocim, Director of Operations. “I think the access to information and the ability to send that information directly to a customer is really valuable. Especially when you see a really good XOi workflow that a technician just nails from start to finish in a very short period of time. It’s short, concise, and complete.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Increased Transparency with Visual Documentation
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    Streamlined Quoting Through Remote Diagnostics
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    Increased Business in Tech Recommended Repairs
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    Improved Customer Experience
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    Increased Customer Referrals and Repeat Business

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